About Us

About Our Director

Mr. Christopher Kevin is an emerging professional English language trainer who aims to take English to all levels of students be it kids or adults. He is an Electrical engineer by profession but with constant interest in English round the clock made him a language instructor. He wants to break the belief that language learning is hard and tedious process.

According to Mr. Christopher Kevin language learning is fun and experience moreover it takes few weeks to immerse oneself in any language with a mind receptive to new ideas and arguments. We at Starwin Educators have tailored courses that are fun, enjoyable and relevant to everyone needs. We place a few number of students in each class to have individual attention.

We have wide variety of audio and video materials to help you develop your English language skills. Whatever your goal may be whether you wish to develop your English, secure a new job, secure a place at university abroad. learning English with us will help you achieve your goals easily.